World Field Target Federation - CONSTITUTION

The body shall be known as the World Field Target Federation, hereinafter referred to as the 'Federation'.

The aim of the Federation is to provide a link between Field Target shooters world wide and to govern the World Championships.

Membership of the Federation shall be open to properly constituted National Governing Bodies (NGB's). Acceptance of an NGB will be by majority agreement of those member NGB's at the time of application. Where more than one organization is claiming NGB status, recognition will be afforded to that body providing representation of the majority of Field Target shooters in that country. This criteria cannot and will not be used at a later date to allow recognition of an alternate NGB.

The body will be managed by a Chairman and Secretary from an NGB and responsibility for management of the Federation will reside with that NGB from the end of the previous Championship to the end of the Championship that they will be hosting. This Chairman will continue as Vice Chairman until the end of the following Championship.

The appointment of host countries will be done according to the WFTF policy on rotating World FT Championship host countries as reflected in Annexure A.

The Federation will not meet in conference or committee. All relevant business will be transacted by document with copies to all member NGB's, thereby ensuring that all records and transactions of the Federation are fully available to and complete at every member NGB. At the time of change of management of the Federation there will be no requirement for the transfer of records. All member NGB's will be responsible for advising the managing NGB of their Federation contacts.

The Federation will not hold funds or property in any form, nor will it be liable for debts of any nature. Any costs incurred in any way in connection with the Federation business will be borne in whole by the managing NGB. Any excess of income over expenditure arising from a Federation event will fall to the managing NGB.

The managing NGB will each year organise and host the World Field Target Championships on behalf of the Federation. The Championship will decide and award the following:

Precharged Class :
World Champion and 2nd to 10th, 1st Lady, 1st Veteran, 1st Junior and 1st to 3rd Teams.

Spring Class :
World Champion and 2nd to 10th, 1st Lady, 1st Veteran, 1st Junior and 1st to 3rd Teams.

In both classes national (NGB) teams of min. 4/max. 8 competitors can be formed if there is a minimum of 4 teams in the corresponding class.

Team format will be a maximum of 8 nominated shooters with either 4, 5 or 6 to count, depending on the NGB with the lowest number of team competitors in this class.

Team member names will be submitted to the organisers in writing prior to the commencement of shooting. Each NGB will be permitted one team only.

Each competitor nominated to represent a member country either as an individual or as a team member, must satisfy one or more of the following criteria: by being born in that country, by continuous residence in that country for a period of not less than five years, by either parent being born in that country. Once a competitor has represented a country in the Championship he/she may only change residential qualification after 5 years residence.

The managing NGB may at its discretion expand or add to the Championships providing that such action does not in any way reduce the Field Target content of the event nor does it create any reward deemed to be higher than the purpose of the Championship.

Host NGB rules will apply at all Federation Championships, but may not contradict/override the WFTF Core Rules.

The Constitution of the Federation may only be changed at the end of each management period, and then only by a simple majority agreement of the member NGB's.

(Revised August 2003, July 2006, July 2008)

Annexure A


As was agreed by NGB's in April 2008, a policy of rotating FT Worlds host countries has been accepted, based on the following principles, namely that:

1. A master list containing all member countries of the WFTF was agreed upon as is reflected in Annexure A1;

2. The member at the top of the list is offered first refusal to host the following year's FT World Championships (2009 onwards);

3. Subsequent Worlds will be offered to NGB's according to the sequence in Annexure A1.

4. New NGBs' names shall be added to the bottom of the list.


1. In April of every year the sitting WFTF chairman will advise the top three NGB's in Annexure A1 of their positions on the list.

2. The NGB in position number one on the list will respond to the chairman within 30 days in one of the following three ways:

a. Accept responsibility for hosting the following year's Worlds;
b. Request to be moved between one and three positions down the list.
c. Indicate that they are not in a position/interested to host a Worlds, and be moved to the bottom of the list in Annexure A1.

3. If the NGB in position one on the list does not accept responsibility to host the following year's Worlds (2a), the chairman will immediately request the next NGB on the list, and the steps above will be repeated, until an NGB accepts.

4. Once an NGB has accepted, the chairman will update Annexure A and advise all NGB's of which NGB will be hosting the following year's Worlds. He will also distribute a copy of the updated Annexure A1 to all NGB's.

Annexure A1

1. Hungary 2010
2. Belgium
3. Italy
4. Lithuania
5. Germany
6. Malta
7. Netherlands
8. New Zealand
9. Norway
10. Portugal
11. Russia
12. Scotland
13. Spain
14. Wales
15. England
16. Poland
17. USA
18. Northern Ireland
19. Canada
20. Brazil
21. South Africa
22. Austria
23. Greece


WFTF Core Rules


  • All competitors, NGB affiliated or otherwise, must have competed in or marshalled a domestic NGB held event, from which an understanding of range safety, timing and scorecard marking is obtained.
  • Every competitor, via either host NGB, domestic NGB or privately, must be able to document shooting insurance covering him or her/self during the championships.
  • When not in use rifles should always be empty of ammunition, be pointing in the direction of competition fire at the firing line if resting on the ground, be in a carrying stand pointed in the direction of competition or pointing downwards if held.
  • One whistle denotes stop shooting and immediately discharge loaded ammunition into the ground in the near vicinity providing it is safe to do so, two whistles denotes shooting may commence
  • Any competitor under the influence or in possession of alcohol and/or illegal drugs will be refused admission from all ranges.
  • Always be aware of your partners and your adjacent competitors actions.



  • Shall consist of 150 targets over 2 or 3 days.
  • Lanes should contain a minimum 2 and maximum 3 targets.
  • Target type shall be fall-when-hit (face plate with hole and paddle behind), and have an attached reset cord for resetting the target from the firing line.
  • Targets, face plate & paddle must be 100% visible from all shooting positions standing, kneeling, sitting & prone. Any obstruction should be related to the chief marshal and removed prior to the first competitor shooting that lane, otherwise the obstruction must remain for the duration of the competition.
  • Targets shall be placed square to the firing line +/- 5 degrees
  • No lane firing area should result in a dangerous stance having to be adopted by the shooter i.e. excessively steep, slippery, etc.



  • No rifle shall exceed 12ft/lb muzzle energy. A rifle found to be producing in excess of 12ft/lb will result in disqualification for the competitor.
  • All rifles shall be in good working order and safe in handling.
  • All forms of clothing are permissible.
  • Single rifle slings are permitted.
  • No straps other than single rifle slings are permitted.
  • Bean bags, elbow pads & knee pads refer to host NGB rules.



  • Targets are addressed in numerical sequence i.e. 23,24,25,26, etc
  • Competitors shall be timed 2 targets=3mins, 3 targets=4 minutes, etc. Time commences when you sit down and address the target or when you address the target for standing or kneeling shots. Range finding, loading of rifle, checking of the wind are all part of the timing process.
  • Every competitor is charged with leaving each lane firing area in a safe and tidy condition for the following competitors.



  • Names of each NGB team member are to be delivered to the organizing committee by a minimum of 24 hours prior to shooting. All teams and names are to be posted for view by all competitors prior to championship commencement.
  • Any concession requests regarding handicap should be delivered to the organizing committee by a minimum 24 hours prior to championship commencement.